Services / Residential Children's Home

We provide residential accommodation to children and young people, both boys and girls, between the ages of 8 and 18 years who require intensive supervision, support, and therapeutic help in the community.

The children and young people are looked after in small group homes of no more than three young people in any one establishment. All of our homes are in ordinary residential areas within close travelling distance to all local amenities, schools, colleges and leisure facilities.

Every Child Matters has determined the outcomes for children and young people within our residential homes. The organisation strives to achieve the best set of outcomes for each of our children through a variety of methods.

Some of our strengths are our ability to:

  • Focus our time and resources in establishing relationships with profoundly damaged young people who often lack trust and feel overwhelmed and bewildered by their problems
  • Understand complex needs
  • Build care, and therapeutic programmes around identified needs
  • Effectively manage risks
  • Work closely with parents, family members and professionals
  • Help children and young people in our care believe they have a positive future